PPG Paint Performance Guarantee

As PPG Certified Refinish Technicians, Seliga Auto Body is proud to offer the PPG paint performance guarantee that is good for as long as you own your vehicle.  

 As stated in PPG's guarantee: 

"PPG will guarantee in writing the durability of any paint work performed to PPG certification standards for as long as the consumter owns the car.  The guarantee covers the popular DELTRON, DELTRON 2000, CONCEPT AND NCT line of products against:

  • Peeling or delamination of  the topcoat and/or other layers of paint
  • Cracking or checking
  • Loss of gloss caused by cracking, checking, and hazing
  • Any paint failure caused by defective PPG automotive refinish products.

 PPG's Paint Performance Guarantee will cover the areas of the vehicle which are refinished beginning the day the vehicle is delivered from the PPG Certified Collision Repair Center back to you, the vehicle owner."

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